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Input devices and more ui work (will it ever end?)

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I added basic input support (mouse and keyboard) in hopes of linking it with the ui and getting some stuff going. The keyboard interface is just about perfect and the mouse interface is generally good, although I noticed that its impossible to truly differentiate between a click and a drag without some context. For example, when clicking on a button, its a click no matter where you move the cursor between the down and up states as long as it stays within the button widget. It'll have to be up to my ui/widget system to figure out whether a drag is really a drag or just a click without proper context. Both input systems provide detailed information to the logging system, so they're basically complete. I'll may still need to add support for the binding of input devices to actions, but that'll be a separate module. I might not need that anyway.

I'm still trying to get the ui system organized. I had a working concept, but it didn't look right to me, so I axed it. It seems to be much more difficult to design a ui system in C than I had anticipated. Although, its probably not C, just my lack of experience.

I've been rethinking my cutting myself off from C++. I still think it was a good idea as it removed me from my academic stagnation. But I'm now recognizing that C++ has a lot of things that could make my work easier, such as std::map, templates, and the ability to easily combine functional parts together to create a powerful whole. Even so, I'm not going to dump my project, which is firmly rooted in C. I think I just have a few basic interfaces left to figure out and I should be heading towards greener pastures.

I'm going to start making some ui widget skins in paint/GIMP. I may have some shots of progress in that area today or tomorrow.
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