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Free browser (umm. . .yeah)

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Opera 8.02 is free, today only. Read the bottom of the page for instructions on how to get your magical "shut off the ad-bar on top of the page" code.


My initial impression is that it's about 98% the same as Firefox. I do like having it, though, because Dreamweaver has the ability to view your content in as many browsers as you like, and I do like looking at my content in several browsers just to make sure it doesn't look silly somewhere.

It's quite a nice browser, though. Dunno if it'll become my default. We'll see.

Edit: Registration codes via email appear to be backed up. Go here for one.
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Opera's a great browser. It has a lot of "tiny" but innovative features that you quickly get hooked to. For example, one such feature is the "Trash bin" (In the tab-bar, to the right) where you can re-open any tab that you've closed during your session.

Session management in general is great. You can save sessions (which is done automatically too whenever you open a tab), as well as have multiple start pages.

Context menus are also very well-thought, often with very useful commands (e.g. select a text link and pick "Go to URL" from the context menu).

Mouse gestures are also great. Moreover, it's got a file transfer manager that supports resume (suprising how all the other browsers overlook this), as well as a clean IRC client, and a clean RSS news reader.

I realize a lot of this (browser) stuff is already available in Firefox via extensions, but it's not to the same level of perfection, again IMO.

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Yes! You da man! I agree with coder but have never wanted to pay for it. This is my lucky day!

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