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EIEF 2005 Day Two

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So we woke up the next morning and peeled ourselves out of my brothers flat where we had been staying each in our own personal hangover hells. Following a stop for some life-saving coffee and a bacon roll we headed a little late into the conference.

We arrived towards the tail-end of a Q&A session of questions submitted the previous day by the audience. It was very entertaining and made me realise how grating some people are when you are hungover.

The remainder of the sessions remain a bit of a blur, mostly due to my hangover which only got worse as the day progressed. The highlights being a fairly decent session on character design. Followed by a history of machinima which was also pretty entertaining.

It was nice to meet up with all the people I went to Uni with who are now spread about the country. Interesting to see some other familiar faces from the past who are now working various jobs in industry and also to meet a load of new people.

Will I go next year? Probably but I think I might need a nice shirt to distinguish myself from the crowds of students. (damn my youthful goodlooks, eh?) [wink]

I spent the majority of today tweaking various bits of code and fixing bugs. Then added some advertising for a new distributor into one of our previous titles ready to be sold. Plus drank my bodyweight in coffee.
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That sounds like a hellova hangover. On the bright side if you keep drinking like that then your boyish good looks will be gone in no time and you won't need to get a new shirt.

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Youthfull good looks?

I dunno, you could always try hitting puberty and growing some facial hair :)

EIEF was fun. Although as for next year, I fear we are rapidly running out of people to pay our way. Do you think "Pixie Dust" has another competition win left in it?


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