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Pleeeease check this out

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Alright, I've been working a lot on the gameplay lately...and I find myself playing the game more than working on it lol...sometime over the last few days something clicked in the game, and it's just been a ton of fun to play, I can't get enough of it!

I had to get a video of it...even though it's 640x480 and at a pretty low framerate...let me know if you like this video.

My main concern is that the framerate is too low, and that it might do more harm than good, to release a video of this quality...I don't know, please check it out and give me your opinion.

The game doesn't run at this framerate...it's just the framerate I recorded the video at..if I put it up around 20-24 frames per second, my computer starts to slow down, I'll try to get a better one later on when I have more free time. This video is recorded at 8 FPS, which doesn't cause any slowdown at all.

Preview Image:

It's 39 MB, and 3:30 minutes long...

Click here to Download GangWarPreview.avi

You might need DivX to watch it, you can download if for free here DivX Website

Also, I'm still working all hours to get the game ready for the IGF...I'm sending my game out in a few days :-o

- Dan
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Looks pretty good.

Hey, check this out for recording movies that come out at the correct framerate.


I used it for a video of my game and it worked great. Your game looked fun, but the sounds were already repetitive. Maybe you can vary the pitch, or add some occlusion or echo, or just randomly pick from several samples for each sound.

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Simmer: Thanks for the link to that site, I'll give it a go hopefully this will solve my recording woes.

I forgot to mention the sounds too...right now the gunshots, and car crashes don't take distance/velocity into account...I'm about to fix that, plus the low sound record quality jumbled it all together...it sounds quite a bit different in the actual game.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

- Dan

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