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My OpenAL problems could well have been hardware based... the Realtek ALC650 only seems to works reliably in generic software mode, rather then generic hardware.

I've got things I must do at work, my bread and butter that is nothing to do with games. Trying to get excitment back for that, and not let myself talk that down.

Natural Docs or doxygen ... I dunno, probably Doxygen because it is more widely adopted - though I've heard many tales of bugs and things around here.

My other blog tends to be less dry then this. I do not tend to keep this one so up to date because it does not really get much feedback. This one is more like a dev notebook to me I guess. That no one but me reads! [lol]

Here's me facing of to a dummy in a museum. I think I make my Mrs blush with stunts like this, but I think it's funny [wink]

Oh and went to see Winchester's claimed round table...
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