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Finally a screenshot!

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Huzzah!! Today I finally finished my PNG loader such that it actually works. I also updated image resources to deal with floating point textures. I rewrote some of my image resource -> OpenGL texture converter. I still need to add flexibility, but it handles directly OpenGL compatible image formats for now. I also finished my directory resource scanner. I can now point the program at a directory and it will walk the tree and find all loadable resources (no more need to update archive files during testing; just copy the resources to the proper directory). So I finally have a screenshot. Its a simple UI rendering of an image. Its not wrapped in a widget because the widget system is currently broken, but it shows the capabilities of the system. Yes, I'm making a big fuss over such a simple screenshot, but hey; its the first one in a while. [grin]

I've also uploaded the log file so you can see what it looks like.
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Just another format that provides greater range than standard integral. For instance, one might load the RGBE file format as an image with floating point components. I'm guessing I'll be using GL_ARB_texture_float to deal with them, but I haven't got to that point yet, so more research is required. Not sure what I'd use them for yet, but the idea is that the capability is there if I need it.

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