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EBay is the devil

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Ebay seems to have all of these "restrictions" about selling items, but they do nothing about it. I've seen over 30 auctions this month for "DB/Z/GT complete series on 2 cds". This is obviously not legal (some of them even state that they can only be run on computers).

Edit: (fixed to be more readable)

Me: "Is this a bootleg version?"

Him: "it is backup bootleg is illegal" (readable version "It is a backup version. Bootleg versions are illegal.")

Me: "nice play on words. Backups are still illegal to sell."

Him: "no it is legal because I am selling backups of movies that you already own. if you don't own the originals it would be illegal on your end if you buy them."

Him (again): "By the way they are not cd's. If you spent a lil more time reading the listing you would know that."

His auction: "Includes all Episodes of Dragonball on two discs! Not for set top player! Use on computer only! Ask if you have any questions!"

I actually contacted FUNimation (the company that made the DragonBall/Z/GT series) because I don't think ebay will do anything about it (I have 3 incriminating emails, and they will never see them since they just ask for the item number).

The world is going to Hell, and it scares me. I think I'm just going to go live on a small deserted island somewhere. Maybe I'll become a turtle hermit...

Edit: I also emailed him back with a link to their policy stating "unauthorized materials (pirated, bootleg, backups)".
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Wow, I got a pity reply. He emailed me back with this:

fine you win
I am in the wrong are you happy
I will fix the problem
Will you leave me alone now?
Mabey worry about some of the bigger problems in the world?
I am not that important!

(And no, he didn't fix the problem) Seriously, I don't mind the stealing and sharing, but someone else shouldn't profit off of someone elses work. (Ok, I do mind the stealing and the sharing, but not as much as the selling.)

He also sent me this link:
which evidentally says somewhere that selling backup copies of something illegal. Why in God's name would they say this? If I own it, I can back it up myself. And if I own it, I'm not going to spend $50 for a backup that I can only play on my computer! If someone is selling a "backup copy" they're targeting people who don't already own the DVDs.

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Ok, after actually reading his link (yeah, I'm lazy. So what?) I've concluded that I can legally make copies of my computer software. I can then sell that copy, BUT I then have to destroy my original version. Then there is the small fact that animes, tv shows, and movies do not qualify as computer software.

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