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So I'm watching my fiance play the game yesterday, and realize that when restarting the music, there is a small pause in the game. I never made it through an entire song to really see that. So I am going to play the music in a seperate thread, seperating it from the UI (should have been that way in the beginning). I should have an update by the end of the week.

I've been throwing around designs for the breakout clone. I'm a huge breakout/arkanoid fan, so the ideas are just pouring out. One idea is after a certain time limit an enemy comes onto the screen and tries to eat your ball. Enemy paddles that act as blockers.

My basic gameplan is this:
1) Decide on a format for storing the levels.
2) Create a basic level by hand.
3) Work on physics, paddle movement, game functionality, (basically get the game working).
4) Once the game is working, build a level editor and better graphics for the blocks.

Coding should hopefully start next week.
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