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Hello everyone.

Contrary to popular belief I am not dead. Basically I have been swamped with a whole lot of crap that we have to do for school. However, I'm sure that the thousands upon thousands of loyal readers were wildly anticipating my return.

Well, EDI's game is looking pretty good and finished. I haven't played it but I'm sure that the game they made is pretty cool just from the way it looks. I love playing those types of non-intensive 3D games because, in my opinion, they look more "LOOK AT ME BECAUSE I LOOK COOL" and less "PLAY ME BECAUSE I'VE GOT A REALLY GOOD STORY/PLOT". EDI has really put in a really awesome amount of effort for this game and it shows in not only the pictures I've seen of the game but also EDI's journal is really top-notch. It's probably longer than Mushu's(EDIT: Okay, just checked and, umm, nevermind. Mushu is crazy.). Speaking of which, where is he?

EDIT: Exams start tommorrow and after that my projects are due. Hopefully after that I will be free to run amok on my own projects. Also, I got a letter in the mail from UCT (University of Cape Town) saying that I have been 'provisionally accepted to study Mathematics, Physical and Statistical Sciences next year. All I got to do is not fail the year (basically). How hard can that be?
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