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Finally, a break?

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So I've been working on the game for about the last 50 hours, no sleep, no beer, no "behotches"...just me and the game.

I knocked out every hint of a crash bug in the game, added countless things to the game...I don't feel like listing them now :-D But wow, I probably did more in the last 2-3 days than I have in the last few weeks, or at least that's how it seems.

I mailed out my entry to the '06 IGF a little bit ago. I don't know what to do with myself. I sort of want to start working on the next phase of development...but I should probably take a breather, or at least sleep for a few hours.

Check it out...Boooyakasha

I created a few different CDs for my IGF entry (I had to send 10 CDs in, so I figured I'd create a few different labels). The original plan was to package each CD with a LIMITED EDITION GANG WAR COLLECTARS TIN....thankfully cooler heads prevailed, and I just suck with standard CD cases ;-)

Alright...I'm gonna go do something, non Gang War related...*looks around*...ehhh...yea....

- Dan
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Glad to see you made the deadline =)

We sent our 10 copies yesterday, I'll post pictures of out 10 production copies soon =)

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"I don't know what to do with myself".
Fix all the bugs you added in your sleepless-workaholic-hours?

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Fix all the bugs you added in your sleepless-workaholic-hours?


Great work indeed man.. How about you get some sleep now; for a good 24 hours. Then wake up and pour out, what seems to be, an endless stream of ideas.


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Guest Anonymous Poster


Way to go Dan! That's looking good!
I hope you make it as a finalist, though I have a feeling you will !

Now get some damn sleep!

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Thanks guys!

I just hope I didn't screw anything up..I was on a tough schedule getting the game ready for the IGF, I didn't have much time to thoroughly test all the stuff I was throwing in there.

I can submit a single patch before October 25th, but there is no promise that EVERYONE will get it, hopefully they will though :-D

I'm going to address any issues with the game in that update, as well as have a ton more cool stuff in there.

My prodution schedule is:
1 - Write the code.
2 - Test the code.
3 - Fix any bugs found in that code.
4- Test again t make sure it's straight.
5 - Repeat with new feature.

I don't think this is something that larget projects can do, only 1-man programming teams.

On larger teams many differnt people write a code and it doesn't get tested until further down the road when it's combined with all the other stuff...I dunno though as I've never worked on a large team of people making a commercial game :-D

I think that's one advantage of single person programming team. Though bugs can be eliminated with solid code...it's very difficult to write perfect code in one shot especially with complex algorithms like pathfinding, or physics/AI stuff. A lot of tweaking needs to be done in order to get it working as planned.

- Dan

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