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Snack Tutorial

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Let's face it. All good programmers have a bag of tricks they use in their daily work. I'm gonna let you in on a secret that will boost your coding performance by an incredible zillion percent!*

Chocolate peanuts!
brazilian home made recipe

12-14 soup spoons of Sugar
2 soup spoons of Cocoa powder
250 ml of Water
500 grams of Peanuts (not salted, duh)

(mental note: add more chocolate and don't spare the sugar next time)

Get a pan, preferably deep. Pour in the sugar.

Pour in the cocoa powder.

Mix it a bit.

Pour in the water and mix it.

Now the peanuts. FLAME ON! Turn on the heat And never ever stop stirring!

The water will start boiling away, slowly... Finally resulting in a very small amount of goo. When the water's gone, or almost gone, turn of the heat and let it cool down. They're gonna be a bit softy for a few hours, because of the water. That'll dissapear.


* statement might not be entirely true
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Damn dude... that looks good. You're making me wish I could eat peanuts :(

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That's insane, I'm pretty confident I'd be sick eating that much peanuts.. with chocolate.

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I suck back those 'energy drinks' like mad in order to keep my brain working.. although I'm pretty sure they have now become a necessity for daily operation.

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Try adding some powder milk to the cocoa, liquify the sugar and gradually mix the powders into the liquid sugar (using a sieve).

The pour either peanuts or simple nuts, pre-roasted in a frying pan .

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