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Why does Cygwin hate me thus?

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If anyone has a Cygwin binary of FontForge with FreeType compiled in, PM me PLEASE!

So I'm currently engaged in a viscious struggle to force FontForge to compile under Cygwin so I can get grayscale bitmap font rendering support through the freetype library which the precompiled binary doesn't seem to come with. Anyway, I've had to insert gibberish to satisfy undefined types in about 20 source files already, including some headers from the base Cygwin distribution. When I compare this to the ease of compiling stuff under a real unix system like Gentoo, where I rarely saw even a single warning, its really quite annoying. Which is why I can't wait to get back to Calgary to my nice, warm apartment, where I can set up a true unix box and get some stuff done.

In project news, I rewrote lots of my BMP image loader (it wasn't really in a working state before). I've dealt with monochrome, 24-bit RGB, and 4/8-bit non-RLE palettized encodings. There's only the 4/8-bit RLE and 16/32-bit masked encodings left to do. I did a lot more testing of image loading/rendering in various formats and fixed all the minor issues that sprung up. I need grayscale (not monochrome) BDF fonts so I can test my BDF glyph loader (I haven't got a chance to yet, as my image -> texture converter doesn't support monochrome formats yet since they're not OpenGL compatible and would require conversion). I want to get all this loading/rendering code fairly solid before I move on too much so I don't have to worry about working around incomplete functionality.

In other news, I only have 3 days left before I leave home for 8 months. Sadly, my family doesn't seem to be around much and whenever they are I'm doing this programming work. I'll need to spend more time with them over the next few days.

UPDATE: Oh good, Cygwin has finished building the object files and is now in the process of spitting out a bazillion undefined references (seriously, it must be missing the entire standard library and all the unix extensions). 5 minutes later and its still going... I'm going to cry. [tears]
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If only I had another machine. I'll probably just forget it and wait a few days until I move to Calgary and get a Gentoo box off eBay. I've got other things I can work on in the mean time. Thanks for the empathy though. [smile]

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