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Apache isn't that hard!

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So yesterday I called a local ISP and I am getting a DSL line just to host my web sites with (in about a week or so) I already have cable and a dial-up (my bf also uses the dial-up when he's not on though I sometimes use it). I have a linux and a freebsd and a winxp computers right here and all I do with my linux is surf sites and check my email lately so instead of trying to get a co-location or dedicated web hosting plans from somebody i'll just get a new connection and run my own sites :)

I was playing with Apache on the linux yesterday and I set it up already its not that hard afterall. And I restarted SSHd and FTPd to go along with the HTTPd. I turned them off long ago for security. And my software firewall I configured and uncommented this and that to get PHP working and everything =) *beams proudly*

I doubt I'll try and sell any hosting space to strangers but at least I can put my few domains up again. It's basically the same price as if I signed up for a dedicated hosting plan with some reseller. And I can upgrade the speed any time I want the ISP guy said. And this local ISP doesn't mind if I run a web server unlike my cable and dial-up ISPs. He said it'll be an extra $30/mo though to have a block of 4 IPs and only two are usable? I still have a bit to learn. Like how to set up BIND to have my custom IPs as nameservers. But I like the idea of having the web sites I own 2ft away from me instead of 1000s of miles away with out telnet/ssh access even like I had with my old host! I'll probably only turn on the SSHd on occassion anyways. I'm kind of paranoid now though that maybe I won't be able to handle the security part. And what if somebody tries to hack into my little domains? -.- that will suck. My slackware is already setup for running daemons though. but maybe I should use freebsd instead of linux? I dunno.

Went out with bf tonight and walked around and got icecream again. We've done that about 3 times this week. I love doing it :D And he doesn't as much but i make him go with me its fun to walk around and the weather has been great lately.

All day I didn't read any C++ stuff or do anything productive really but I watched Fight Club again. I want to for fun make a 2D vampire girl type of game kind of a cross between Final Fantasy and Pokemon but with just one character a girl vampire and possibly with pets? I've never seen a game out there like that and one day I'll make it! I hope. But I have to learn a lot more stuff and read stuff but lately I haven't been reading anything or programming anything :(

I kind of was hoping that this journal would help motivate me to read some C++ stuff. But...maybe tomorrow...
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Motivation... Ahh, just one of the many fundamentals to success.

It's sometimes hard to motivate yourself to sit down and read code, or atleast that how I feel about it sometimes. But, then again, I'm also burdened with College on my back too, so the motivation factor really burns out a bit.

Something that I find that helps quite a bit is talking to people who know how to code and just talking about some things. But, finding people that are willing to spill their insight on programming is tough. So maybe us newbs could unite.. lol :)

Goodluck motivator

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