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Better Music

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I started off tonight thinking of the best way to change the music issue with the Tetris clone. I decided to drop the MIDI files and create WAV files. So I begin surfing the internet for some cheap/free software to do this for me. I find an article that shows how to use Winamp to do this. It turns out Winamp is awesome at converting any music that it can play into a WAV file.

I convert the MIDI files to WAV files, change the code to play the WAV files, and it works great. No stuttering at all. I will have to test on Windows 98 and see if that resolves the music issue as well.

However, the WAV files are very large (11MB, 10MB, 8MB), so uploading to gd.net server isn't going to happen. So I figure out roughly where the songs repeat, and stop the songs at that marker. It's times like these that I wish I still hade CakeWalk installed. Now the zip file is just over 9MB with the three wav files in it.

Also while I was at it tonight, I changed the code that selects the next block. I was tired of getting 4,5,6 blocks in a row that were all the same type. The new code ensures that the same block never comes out twice in a row.

So, if you haven't tried the game, check it out. If you have, but had issues with the sound, try it again.
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