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Ok, so my previous post was threatened by lightning, so I'll just repost it again here in hopes that it'll attract some attention. I've tried everything I can think of and haven't been able to figure this one out...


So, I'm getting a strange problem in my engine, at first I thought it was my code (and it could still be, but Im not sure). I have some text that was being displayed on the screen, FPS, position, etc. When using the debug drivers everything works great, but when I use the release drivers, even if I remove the code that draws the text, I get junk on the screen, flickery bits of text from what was previously being drawn.

Here's a screenshot:

Anyone seen this before? for the longest time I've thought the problem was on my dynamic rendering code (for text), but I still get the problem even after removing the code that was drawing the text in the first place.

Any ideas?
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Weird. Make sure your Clear() calls are succeeding. Other than that, I'd follow standard procedure:
1. Debug runtime says nothing?
2. REF works well?
3. Tested on other driver/card combos?

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