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So, I'm on day four of my eighteen day cram session and due to work, I've already fallen behind by two days. The good news is however that I've been able to put in over time and my paycheck will be pleasantly large.

Currently, I've been studying on garbage collection and building a single and multi-threaded collector based on the code from The Art of C++. I've also been thinking of rethinking this strategy of mine to do all this reading in the short amount of time that I'm attempting. This is due to the need to actually study code as well as do the reading, but I decided to keep to the initial plan. I can always go back later once I've read through the content once.

I read a comment where Ernest Adams said that Rockstar games should be shunned for putting sexual content into San Andreas. Too that I say what the fuck? I mean your already going around killing people, dealing with drugs, saying fuck more times then a squirrel eats nuts, and sexual content is the main concern. Obviously he is more concerned with the politics. The games already rated for a mature audience, how does the concept of sex offend? Being portrayed the way it is in the game I don't necessarily agree with, but come on. Sex is the most natural part of life, where all current life begins. Should designers and developers ignore the concept in games simply because it offends some people to publicly talk about sex? I think not.

What about the children? Well children shouldn't be playing these games anyways, and if parents actually had half decent relationships with their kids, they would know what games they're playing, as well as be able to have an open educational and personal dialog about sex, drugs, and any other subject openly. Scapegoats are in full fledge in our society as always, it's like saying I'm sueing Lucas Arts for putting bright lights in their game(which actually is happening). Come on people accept responsiblity for whats going on, games are a medium for communication, exploration, creation, and destruction. They are not a substitute for good parenting or an excuse for bad guidance.
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