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demo 2

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Okay, here it is.

I'll probably upload it to the showcase later today. Please provide lots of feedback this time around, I really need it.[smile]

The fact is, I'm planning on selling the complete, 15 level version of this game, and I want to get it in top shape. I plan to sell it for $5.00 about, cause quite frankly, I don't think anyone will buy it at a higher price. Hopefully it will be to your liking.

In other news, it looks like I'm coming down with a cold. My head feels like a balloon right now. In other words, very stuffy. Hopefully I'll finish the 4th level this weekend still.

EDIT: Uploaded to the showcase.
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Just finished playing your game and I've got some feedback for you. I enjoyed playing it, but there were some gripes that I had. Now, please take this as constructive critisism, I'm not knocking your game at all, just needs a few things.

I noticed that when you move a unit, it gets a little gray dot. Would there be any way of making this a little more prominant? Dim the player out, or something more than just a little dot to make it stand out that he's already had his turn.

Along the same lines, maybe add a message when you've made all your moves, such as "Your turn is over, please press enter," or a message at the bottom telling you how many moves you have left.

And, when moving a unit, I'd like to know what the stats are for the area that I'm moving to. If I'm moving to an area that gives me 2 cover, it would be nice to show that information on the bottom. Maybe some animation as well, when I move. That way it's not just an instant teleport, heh.

Also while moving/firing, show my stats somewhere. I found myself a few times about to fire, then wonder what my firepower is and can't remember where he was to begin with because the unit is following the cursor. Maybe keep the unit there and draw a line or something, rather than picking up the unit from his position?

When units die, they just pop. The game is in dire need of some messages, such as "The red team destroyed your Tank!" or "You hit the Red Team's sniper for 2 damage!" Or show the amount of damage dealt/received above the unit.

I died. I suck at these kinds of games, but I loved the losing message. "You were beaten by a country that has a national color which is very close to pink." Awesome.

Other than this stuff above, it's a pretty good game, just needs some changes here and there to make it more user friendly.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

I'm ofcourse always looking for critism on the User Interface, because it is the part of the game that needs the most work.

I'll consider adding all of the stuff you mentioned, because quite frankly, I agree with all of them.

The thing about the unit moving along with the cursor, I'm trying to create the illusion when playing the game as if it where a table top strategy game. So I was hoping that people would like picking a unit, and it acting like if it was picked up in real life. I'll make sure to explore other alternatives with this, though.

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I whole-heartedly agree with what Laz said.

The game is great, but it feels unpolished (especially for a commercial game).

In general, it's very "choppy". Very few things are animated. Most things just happen suddenly. For me this really breaks the continuity of the game.

For example, when the AI makes its moves:

It's nice that it does one troop guy at a time, but they don't "move" to their destination, they "warp". And they warp right after one another. One goes, and *BAM!* the next one is nearly at his destination already. It would make the game look so much more professional if they actually *moved* to their destination rather than warping. This isn't asking much, I don't think. The problem is extremely easy to solve. [smile] If you're not sure how to do it, look up either "linear interpolation" or "deterministic tracking algorithms" (the latter may or may not reveal anything useful on Google).

Also, it desperately needs these two things in my opinion:

- A message log. If you kill a guy, log it. If one of your guys is killed, log it. Maybe even display a message when either side is down to 3 or less units. It would be great if this was extended to include floating numbers displayed above a unit when it's attacked denoting how much damage was done (just like in many RPGs).

- Firing and death animations. Fire animations are needed. Death animations... meh, they're not "needed" per se, but they would be quite satisfactory eye-candy. The process of moving a bullet between two points is yet again a problem easily solved via "linear interpolation", or "lerping".

Just like Lax's criticism, this is meant to be *constructive* criticism. I'm trying to help you out in making this game even better than it already is.

BTW: If you don't quite understand the algebra of linear interpolation, feel free to PM me and I'll explain in very simple laymen's terms. [smile]

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If you need some help in SDL with making the sprites become partially translucent when they have "moved", I can give you a tip: use SDL_SetAlpha.

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Yeah, that probably would be a better idea than using the marker. I'm still not familiar with alot of what SDL has to offer, so you'll have to forgive me for my noobness on the subject.

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