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Myopic Rhino


Weigh-in: 206.0 lbs

Yeah. August was a good month for weight loss.

I'm in the home stretch for More OpenGL Game Programming. It was due on Monday, but since I'm working with 20+ authors on this, a few of them are late getting their stuff in. But, 95% of the book has been edited, and 75% has been turned in. I'm really quite happy with the way the book has turned out. I think that it's going to be an excellent intermediate-level resource for a lot of people.
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It ended up being a lot bigger than 400. It's hard to project how many pages it'll end up being when printed, in part due to figures. Not counting figures, it's right at around 570 pages in Word. According to a calculator that Kevin put together based on our first book, that could translate into around 630 pages when accounting for the figures.

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Aw man when'd you get that license plate?? I was seriously thinking of putting GAIIDEN on mine, cause it would just fit. Course I was also thinking of DREWCFR. But then when I got the plates I balked at the extra cost of having them personalized. Ah well. Someday...

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