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EL development

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Today I had a talk with Mihai (we actually chatted on Skype, as I was testing my PDA to see how well it works with Skype) and one of the conclusions was that we need to put some restrictions on how fast you can use certain items. For example, many people abuse the rings of dissengagement in ways they were not intended to be used.
Now, if we just add a time constraint on how often those rings can be used, the problem would be solved. And while we were at it, we agreed to make it so for all the items, so we can set independent intervals for any item we want.

Meanwhile, I almost finished the items statistics, which will show what items enter and what items exit the game, and by which methods they enter and exit. While this has no direct impact on the players (those stats are only for the devs) they should help us find the bottlenecks and problems and address them.

The big update is scheduled for this comming weekend, and it's ALMOST done with the exception of one semi annoying bug with the combat animations. Once that is fixed, we'll be able to update the game without feeling bad about it.

Not directly related with the EL development, but I feel the need to mention this: I got a Samsung SyncMaster 930B 19" LCD monitor, for 400 USD (I was supposed to get a 20 USD rebate) and I must say it is the worst piece of shit I ever owned. It has ALL the problems a monitor can have, except for ghosting and dead pixels.
I will return this god damn thing tomorrow, and buy some cheap 19" monitor. It can't be worse than this shit...
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Was your monitor a 'B' stock or refurb perhaps? I bought a pair of samsung monitors -- a 192n 19" and a 213T 21" about 20 months ago and they have been awsome. 0 dead pixels on either and they both look great. There is a definite difference running through DVI vs an analog cable. It's even worse when i run an analog cable through a belkin switch.

The only problem i've had with either monitor is on the 19". Occasionaly when the monitor is cold the upper backlight will not turn on which makes the upper part of the portion somewhat dim. If i let the monitor warm up for a minute then turn it off and back on everything works fine. The problem didn't develop until more than a year after i bought them.

BTW have you given up on writing the next installment on the EL postmortem over at devmaster.net?


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