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I want D3DFMT_P9 not P8 :(

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So anyway the reason I haven't updated this thing(with any real posts) is because I've been trying to rewrite the graphics core so it wasn't a complete hack.

First attempt:
There are 4 256x256 background textures and 12 sprite textures(due to various sizes). To write a pixel I had to lock each one, plus I had to do the conversion between B5G5B5(GBA format) and A1R5G5B5 for each write. When (finally) done with the texture I would use the D3DXsprite interface to draw it. I got stuck here when it came to rotation and alpha blending.

The screen is one big 256x256 byte array and I'm using a D3DFMT_P8 surface. It was great at first and really fast. Then I got to adding the second palette. I had to put 512 colours on a P8 surface and well that didn't work too well.

A big 256x256 long array using A8R8G8B8 format. Rather than do the conversions per pixel I just have a 512 long array and calculate them at vblank. So to write a pixel I just do: "ScreenMemory[Y][X]=Palette[Number]" not as fast as P8 but multiple palettes and alpha blending shouldn't be an issue.

And to render the screen now instead of multiple D3DXSprite calls I can just:

TileSrfc.LoadMemory((unsigned long *)ScreenMemory,1024,D3DFMT_A8R8G8B8,D3DX_FILTER_NONE,NULL);
TileSrfc.Copy(0,0,240,160, BBuffer);

(I made my own surface class)

Here's another screenshot to arouse you:

(again this isn't the actual game, just a dump of the video ram)

(the shitty FPS is from D3D streching the backbuffer, at 1x it's 60FPS)
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Emulator authors make my programming life approximately 284.23 times easier. I salute you!

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Emulator authors that add debugger tools like in VBA, make my programming life approximately 284.24 times easier. I salute them!

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