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Ok, the goal of porting librsvg seems to be slightly less happy as I found a case of a relatively simple SVG not rendering properly, and I have no idea how to fix it, so patching it seems not feasible. So far the only renderers that seem to handle all the SVG I've thrown at them have been Inkscape and Bastik.

This could be painful.
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Have you considered using opengl to render the svg stuff?

I've been looking at svg renderers lately, with the idea of using svg and python to make simple game guis - possibly embedding the python code in the svg xml as atomic text. I also wanted to render it all in opengl.

I gave up that idea for the forseeable future (too much work for what I'd use it for), but here are some links which may be useful to you, if you haven't already found them.

amaya the w3c browser/editor has an opengl rendered svg component:

sauvage and svgl are opengl svg renderers in python and c++, written by stéphane conversy:

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Yeah, already found them. They don't render enough of my test SVG files properly though.

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