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Yay for productivity

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Alright, so almost a week has gone by and we've actually managed to make some progress with our game. Two of us have been working on it at least.

So, this past week I wrote a mapLoading class that loads maps from Mappy. I modified the exported files a bit to suit my needs a bit better, but it's more or less the same.

So today, after the other dude got it loading maps from a hardcoded tile array, I got my class to work and it now loads maps from files. The program will load the map and let you scroll around to the boundaries, so i'd say we're making pretty good progress for going into the third week.

So, I present to you this screenshot. We just tried to get a test map on the screen and we have succeeded.

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I have one word: L337

Also, would you mind posting that Mappy class? I took a look at it quickly and thought about making one up for SDL.NET but then decided that the effort wouldn't be worth it. But, if you already have a "nice looking" one up, I wouldn't mind taking a look.

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Sure, like I said, it doesn't read a file exported directly from Mappy, I modified it a bit so I didn't have to read commas, which I know is very easy but i'm lazy. [grin]

We exported it using the CSV option, but I just did a quick find and replace and got rid of all the commas after it's exported so I didn't have to do any extra work. I also added the map width and size as the first line of the file so I could keep track of that as well.

Let me know if you need help getting it to work or have any questions. Hope it's easy to use.

MapLoad.h clicky

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