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GTL Update : PhysFS Support

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After a slightly busy week and my PSU going south on Saturday I've finally managed to make a start on intergrating PhysFS support into GTL.

However, I'm a bit... iffy... with regards to my current method of doing it. I tried using it as an external library which I included into the lib however this causes conflicts with my test application, so currently GTL includes the PhysFS files as well.

While this does work and end users can use PhysFS without needing the PhysFS library installed it does couple them alot. So, I'll be intrested in peoples opinions on this (if I dont get many here I'll start a thread in Alt. Libs. sooner or later about it), should I keep PhysFS compiled into the library or work out how to seperate it out?

I also found what appears to be a nice bug in the developement build of PhysFS, it wont infact compile on Windows/VS.Net03 as it doesnt include malloc.h, meaning _alloca() isnt defined for useage and fails to compile. I've fixed this for now by just including the file in the files which require access to _alloca()

Right now everything compiles however my simple test failed to work, so I'm going to have todo some debugging on my PhysFSDevice code (I suspect the problem is with seeking, but I need to confirm this).
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I'd most certainly try and separate it out. Not only is that 'nicer' for the users of your library, but imagine the fun if they are already using PhysFS in their project (in an entirely different path).

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Guest Anonymous Poster


If you manage to Physfs compiled and linked, please do email me - my problem has not been with the compilation but rather with the linking where _alloca is always returned as a unresolved external symbol.

My id is pkphilip at

Prem Kurian Philip

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