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My Trip to NYC

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In my normal vein of babble. . .

I went to New York last week with a friend of mine who happens to have a terminal illness.

We had such a great time just chatting, seeing a few sites, eating pizza. I already miss the fabulous NY Pizza!!

I got to see Seyi, and we had an excellent time talking- although I think the talk was slightly lopsided about my kids. Amazing how much more I like the little beasts from 3000+ miles away!

I got to see my sister and my nephew which was also excellent.

Overall, it was great to get away and have a few minutes to breathe. I tried my hardest not to even think about GDnet, although I did do a TINY bit of work while I was gone. I just want to say thank you to everyone for not needing anything urgently last weekend.

The traveling was a bit harder on me than I thought, so I decided to take my medicine that helps the arthritis the most. Note to self- chemotherapy meds and jetlag do not mix! Holy cow, that was bad! 4 days of trying desperately not to puke and sleeping round the clock. Poor Dave! 5+ days alone with the little terrors and then 4 days of trying to help me and work, all while editing the book.

k, off to bed- still sleepy. Feel free to comment on my typos- I'm too tired to check.
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Good to hear you're back and in one piece. If you're ever in Dallas, pop on over so we can chat up the children.

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Glad to have you back, spelling mistakes? hah! you should see my journal. I butcher the language worse than ...hrm, that analogy didn't work.

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Sucks I wasn't able to make it up to the city that weekend. Blasted 12:30 call time for the Batshow - so stupid having to be into work 2 freaking hours before the first show when I can set up my props and get into costume in under 30 mins. But oh well. Maybe next time.

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