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Level table complete!

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This doesn't mean that all the levels are complete, though. I still have the 6th layout to copy. 1 to 5 are all converted, though:
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Levels 1 to 4 you've seen before, but I've switched the palettes around to show you that it's not all magenta, blue and yellow. [smile]
The levels take ages - about 2 hours each - to copy.
I have a table of all the palettes, zone names and landscapes arranged. Now it's a case of adding enemies and scoring and it's pretty much finished - well, graphically and gameplay-wise. Music will be painfull.

For those Z80 buffs, here's a question - I need a 16-bit CP instruction (between HL and DE would be ideal). For a simple equality test, I have:

    ld a,h
cp d
jr nz,+
ld a,l
cp e
jr nz,+

; Code in here


(which would be
if (hl==de) {
// Code in here
in a C-type language).

However, I sometimes need to check the carry flag, so also have this:
push hl
sbc hl,de
pop hl

It works, but is pretty hackish. Any ideas for a better routine?

Finally, on a non-FT related note, I have fixed up QuadPlayer (see lower journal posts) so that it now plays songs held in the calculator's Flash ROM correctly. It's not being released just yet, as a chap bouncing ideas off me would like a "loop" function (which is only complicated in the sense that I don't want to break compatibility with old versions of the player, so that old songs play fine in the new player and new songs don't crash the old player). I feel obliged to add this feature as he has converted a NES song from a Kirby game to the QuadPlayer format and it sounds awesome. [grin] If you look at the MP3 files, please realise that more careful bit manipulation resulted in less "squelchy" sound, and the current release produces crystal-clear tones. [smile]
Finally, this journal would not be complete without my latest Fire Track tile table:
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Now you know why they refer to nostagia as being seen through "rose tinted" spectacles. [smile]

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