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Started my GED prep-classes today

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Well, I finally started my GED prep-classes today. I took 4 pretests and scored as follows:
Math: 500
Science: 550
Lang. Arts, Reading: 560
Social Studies: 580
410 is a passing grade

So, I didn't do too bad. I probably would have done better, but I finished homeschooling about 4 months ago. There was another homeschooler there that scored a 700 on one of the test (and his g/f scored a 640, but she was cheating (getting help from her b/f). I mean, I realise that it doesn't really matter because its pretests, but you still shouldn't cheat since thats how they gauge you.) Its funny that the 3 highest scorers in the class were homeschoolers (we have to get a GED or go for about 4 years of public ed. to get a diploma since colleges don't accept the ones that your parents print off (who would have guessed.)

I get to take the test come the 27 (27th, 28th, and 29th). I'll keep you updated.
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