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Buying yourself presents is fun! ^_^

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I spent a lot of money today o.o

But I am pretty happy because I like buying stuff :)

I was thinking about buying a new laptop because mine died a couple years ago and never really though about it much since now. But instead of buying a new one and being broke I went to a web site I found and bought a harddrive for it 30GB for only $80. That isnt as bad as buying a new laptop. I just hope it works ok and is easy to install it. I never installed a laptop hardrive before. My laptop when I power it on says "Operating System not found." And it doesn't read the harddrive at all in the diagnostics area. So I'm hoping (after I read some tech forums) that it just needs a new hardrive and then it'll work again. It's kind of old only a pIII but it's not too bad and better than the one that runs my fbsd :D

While I was playing with it again I installed something I found online called BG-Rescue Linux. It fits on 2 floppy disks and even has VI (which I can never remember how to exit correctly ^_^) but I wish it had pico I like that one much better and its easier.

Also I went to the bookstore and I bought 2 books. One is Beginning Game Programming and I read the first chapter already :) The other is a learning Korean (hangul? :) one because I'm korean and I dont know it and I should ^_^'

Also, I finally finished one of the many books I was sort of reading but not really reading "The Indie Game Development survival Guide" I really liked it. It gave me some motivation and was so easy to read compared to C++ code books. I was planning on reading another 10 books or so until I tried a game programming book, but instead I'm just going to read this new one I bought. I don't care I might not be completely ready for it I can't just wait forever and maybe I am ready for it now.

I'm not sure if I'm going to run my own web server afterall. It seems like a lot of work and I don't want to have to worry about people hacking my ftpd, sshd, httpd, every dam day. I still might down the road but just not this month. I'm going to wait to put my domains back up too. I also bought a nice shirt at the mall and I needed one badly and I still need a couple more but I can't wait until it gets slightly cooler here because I have more cooler weather outfits that are great eventhough I love the hot weather too. I have a lot of really nice stuff for Fall stuff. And today was a gorgeous day today too.

For almost a year now I've been putting game or app ideas down on paper as I get them and dating them. At first I had a bunch of ideas then not so many...but lately I've been getting them again.

My latest idea is the one I'm thinking about making my next project. I call it Pet Store Tycoon. Pretty self explanatory I guess :D I just don't think there is one yet and I would like to play it. It doesn't seem too hard to make especially in a few more books.

This auto spell checking is pretty impressive and embarrassing at the same time :)

I'm sure I have some typos too but I'm not going to correct them all because I'm getting tired. I might not post so much again until I have a Pet Store Tycoon demo/screenshot to post! So maybe a month or so :) Or maybe my Columns/crosswords hybrid idea I got yesterday, hmm? o.O
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Pet Store Tycoon?! That would sell big times, especially if it's in Korean and an MMORPG. Wow, killer-combo!

Hmm, on a second thought, you might want to take out the MMORPG part since you wouldn't want to be responsible for killing someone's baby. (WoW is evil, and we all know it!)

Anyway, I'm looking for a new project actually, and I just came by and read that you have all your ideas written on paper. Would there be a chance that I could view it? I lack the inspiration lately.

Nice blog by the way..

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