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grad update

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Yays, I have my office and my university phone line and everything [grin]

Bell will connect my home phone tomorrow evening, but the fucking nazis told me there's no sympatico service available at my apartment ><
Need to call the extremely incompetent and shitty Cogeco cable people. If you've never heard of Cogeco, well, that's how big they are: nobody's ever heard of them.
And the ones who have heard about it know how horrible they are.

Enough with that shit. I shall be TAing a math course, although I'm in the CAS (Computing And Software) department... go figure. I guess they looked at my transcript and figured out that I can help with the poor math department who are running horribly low on number of TAs.

My course load is awesome. I only have 6 hours of class per week: 2.5 hours on Monday, 2.5 hours on Wednesday, and 1 hour on friday.
This is like 5 times less that my undergrad course load [smile]

Being employed by university is great: I don't need to pay a penny for tuition, and they're paying me about $1050 a month (except for 2nd term where I'm getting $1500 a month) and I get health, dental, and prescription coverage, as well as full-year bus pass, an office, a phone extension, and a computer.
I still haven't managed to find the bookstore [grin]
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When the entire class fails one of the prof's quizzes, you should get up on a desk and thrust your pelvis at them while telling them how badly they fucked up.

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Yup seems like a sweet deal to me. 'cept it's at a school. I hate schools. They'd have to pay me more than that to work at a damn school.

But yey for pouya [smile]

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