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Major Refactoring in the works.

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You know Washu just gets stuck in your head all the time :P. No matter what you code everything he said (even tho he used C++) just sits there and haunts you.

His journal may scare you half to death but it certainly nocked some sense into me while I was testing the basics of my engine. Really it was overlly complicated and did not make anything simpler. My objects did things that they were not suppose to do, which according to Washu is a big no no.

Luckily I read Washu's journal and learn from it. See someone likes you and actually listens. Luckily I did not have much code/time invested into the project when I realized this. So I officially am refactoring the lay out of my engine.

First thing was first, I realized I needed to design before I code. I know professors stress this in college like you would not beleive. You just don't listen till you tackle a huge project. So I sat down and thought and thought and thought. Then I designed my first class for my engine. Then I did not implement it untill I was happy with it.

I originally stated that I had a Device Manager class. Currently that was ripped out. It did not actually manage anything. As for the Camera Class that was ripped out as well. I figured why not start off on the right foot.

I designed the first object with my own little method that makes sense. I hate UML it is very dull and boreing to learn about and use. So what I did was opened up word pad and did a Layout Design Doc (non technical and non implementory). All it told me was what I needed to know not implementation details of anything. Just the names of the methods, the params, and variables etc....

I came up with a very nice product at the end. The object is called N3DDevice. It handles device creation and hold 3 properties. One indicates fullscreen state, another whether or not we are using a depth buffer, and the last a way to actually get at the device to pass to other functions that need it. All the properties are readonly. Then their are 2 constructors. and 3 methods. 2 methods pertain to creating the device, and one is for disposing. The constructors are just a default which indicates you want the device fullscreen and with a depth buffer. The other lets you specify.

On the last note I am very happy with this and the implementation went alot quicker and smoother. So with saying that I would like to end this entry saying...

PEOPLES LISTEN TO WASHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Washu's Journal?

*falls asleep*

oh, I'm sorry, you were saying...?

:p (no offense)

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