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Benjamin Heath


About a month or two ago, Dad went to the hospital again with severe stomach pains. This was a few months after his as yet unexplained episode with anemia. They knew his blood count was incredibly low, but they couldn't explain where it had went because he wasn't bleeding out.

Adenocarcinoma. That's what my dad has. What's genuinely fucked up is that he was diagnosed just recently but he's already in the fourth stage of the disease. There is no one tumor now that can be removed.

The chemotherapy has since cut my dad's weight by fifty pounds-- he's a twig. His intestines are currently all backed up, which has made him especially miserable. It is incredibly painful to see my father in this state.

Cancer is not fun. I never stopped to think about it because before this I wasn't around anyone with such a disease for very long. I actually once thought it was a simple thing where the doctor tells you you're going to die and so you die. It's just not that simple. It's a painful, ongoing segment of misery for every last person involved.
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That just sucks Ben and it's an awful disease - my best wishes for your family as it's not going to be an easy time. I recently learned my sister-in-law has been diagnosed with LUPUS and there's no cure for it, so I know how much of a worry things will be for you. Try and be strong and support your mum as best you can.

Take care.

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That's really unfortunate [sad]

Do your best to stay strong for both yourself and those around you!


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Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. I'm trying to hold on here, but it's hard sometimes. A lot of really great things are happening for me right now, but then there's this, and it's just awful.

evelyn: Yeah, she's taking it pretty hard. I try to be strong, but I don't like to hold things in either. When that happens, she's the strong one, but even still, she's having a much harder time with this.

Again, thank you.

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I'm really sorry man, when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, I felt like I was kicked in the chest, but she made it, and hopefully your dad will to.

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