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Bad code here

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For those of you that remember this journal entry, I was playing around with the evilness and found a couple of problems with the macro. Here's what the current version looks like now:

struct LtProxy {
LtProxy(T r) : ref_(r) {}
T ref_;
LtProxy & operator=(const LtProxy &);

#define MAKE_OPERATOR(name, lhs_type, rhs_type, result_type, worker_function) \
const struct name ## _t {} name; \
inline LtProxy operator <(lhs_type lhs, name ## _t) { \
return LtProxy(lhs); \
} \
inline result_type operator>(const LtProxy & lhs, rhs_type rhs) { \
return worker_function(lhs.ref_, rhs); \

It's still bad code, but it's better bad code. As in, it compiles in more situations and produces fewer warnings.
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