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As every good architect knows you should never build your house upon the bland. And so I've developed a rock-solid and exciting framework for my Ogre applications. I created base application and frame listener classes then derived test sub classes. I then customized the OgreCore material and overlay scripts so that I could have a monkey sitting on my debug overlay, that's the exciting part. Then I resource hacked the setup dialog to put my own image and caption to it without having to recompile. Next I installed the plugins for Max and Milkshape. After which I exported the Troll to my media directory and loaded him as an entity attached to a scene node. Piece of cake. Mmmmmmm cake.

The Milkshape plugin causes MS v 1.7 of to crash but it seems to work fine with MS v 1.6.5. I'm going to have to find the source for that plugin so that I can recompile it with Milkshape 1.7 SDK and see if that fixes the problem. Up next I'll need to learn more about Ogre by working through the samples and building some examples of my own. Specifically I'll need to learn how to render reflections, use billboards, modify and get data from specific entity joints, and add physics.
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I then customized the OgreCore material and overlay scripts so that I could have a monkey sitting on my debug overlay

O.M.G. Munkey. Debug. [oh][looksaround]

Mere mortals such as myself are content with Visual Studio spewing out 1000's upon 1000's of lines of plain text to the console output. But then there are people like Neil who can have godamn monkeys in/on their debug output... [sad]


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You probably already know this, but for those who also want to know where the Ms3d exporter code is: ogrenew/Tools/MilkshapeExport

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