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Just had a conference call with a couple of the people over in Seattle that are involved with sorting out the MVP Summit. First time I've actually spoken to any of the MVP/DX teams in person [smile]

Needless to say that I'm excited. I know that, for those of you not attending, you don't want to hear how good it's going to be but I had to say something [evil]

However, one odd thing is timezones. Damn confusing things that they are. The conference call was scheduled for 9.00PDT, which is apparently GMT-8.

Sounds simple, but currently the UK is on BST (GMT+1), which I thought would mean that the meeting was actually 9 not 8 hours difference.

Lucky I checked things at 8hrs just to be safe, and possibly why no one else was in the meeting [lol]

If you've got time, have a look at my entry below this one - I still want some thoughts on that HDRI thing if you'd be so kind!
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I wish I could help you mate. But I know next to nothing about HDRI. Did you post a link to it in the graphics forum?

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Hmm, Good idea about the graphics forum. Haven't done that yet.

I'm gonna tinker for a bit more tomorrow, see if I can get a distributable version that I like - then see about posting it in the forum. Screenshots don't show half of it, you really need to try it yourself and see the reactions to various rotations of the cube before it really shows how it works [smile]

Thanks for the feedback though!


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