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Whee, a map editor

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Evil Steve


Ok, it sucks. I know. But it works, and that's all that matters at the moment. Not bad for knocked up in half a day, either. The tile sheet I have really sucks, and Paint Shop Pro is playing silly buggers, so I'm going to attempt to edit the tilesheet in paint. Fun fun fun.

I was going to be going to Dundee tomorrow, to visit a friend who's just bought a flat, but she has too much stuff to take up in her car, and too much to do when she's there. So I'll be up sometime in mid to late September for her flatwarming.
Although, she only just told me that it was cancelled, so I'm not going out to Genetic tonight. Penix. Oh well, probably for the best, I can't really afford it anyway.

So, I need something to do tomorrow. Probably trying to make reasonably good looking tiles and make a simple map for TEH MMORPG!!1. Next up on the list is making characters, and doing simple collision detection.
Network stuff won't come for a while, since I'm completely confident with what I'll be doing, and I know I don't actually need it connecting to a server just yet.

So, my (rough) todo list:
  • Decent-looking tiles
  • 2 or 3 reasonable sized (100x50 or so) maps
  • Collision lines in the map editor and loaded from / saved to the map files
  • A rubbishly animated (or not animated) player character (PC)
  • Collision detection, jumping, etc for the player against the collions lines
  • Map transition
  • Minimap
  • Backgrounds
  • HUD
  • Inventory window
  • Attributes window
  • Skills window
  • Spells window
  • Key settings window
  • Game options window
  • Server: Basic server (connection handling, main loop, etc)
  • Server: Database functions / classes
  • Server: User login/logout/chat
  • Client code for connecting to server
    I'll leave it at that for now, since that'll be enough to keep be going for a few weeks (I estimate that at 2-3 weeks work). Anyway, that'll do for now...
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