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I am filled with love

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First, Microsoft is updating and re-releasing the Natural Keyboard Pro, which was IMHO the best keyboard around. It was a truly enormous thing, with the traditional 101-style layout and the curved split design. They then inexplicably stopped producing it in favor of several other designs with more cramped stuff going on on the right side.

Thankfully, though, MS has chosen to return to their original layout with which my fingers are familiar. That means I will no longer have to fret about the possibility that an errant coffee will put me in the position of having to find a secondhand Yugo-sized split keyboard. Everything makes me happy, especially the return to six navigation buttons over the inverted-T arrow keys.
Next up is Disney's announcement that they've licensed Corman's entire library. Interestingly, the articles I've read cite "The Little Shop of Horrors" as an example of the licensed films. Problem is, about every Corman-made film prior to 1960, including "The Little Shop of Horrors", is in the public domain.

The best (or at least most notorious) of the post-60's Corman films, like the Edgar Allen Poe adaptations, "Death Race 2000", "Rock-n-Roll High School" and the 70's "Nekkid hospital/gangster/prison/hillbilly chicks with big bouncy boobies" movies have long been available on DVD, so I'm just not sure what extra value I'm getting.

Best I can hope for is some decent transfers. Many of those campy fun old films like "Not of this Earth" and "Attack of the Crab Monsters" are available on DVD only as Nth-generation videotape transfers and look pretty awful. I'd pay to have a couple of these if they could make decent-looking versions.

Personally, I'm hoping for a "Corman of the Month Club" that sends you a new Corman DVD every month. That means that 30 years and more than 11 shelf-feet later, you'd have the whole collection!
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I could never get used to the "Microsoft Melted Keyboard" myself. However, they were nice and big. If I recall correctly you can set that thing between two sawhorses and you'd be fine. Which gets me to thinking. I have not seen anybody do a white trash case mod. John, do you think you could get one of those nano-itx motherboards into a Colt 45 bottle in a brown paper bag? You could put the monitor in one of those old 12" B&W dial TV sets.

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