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Fiber makes me go

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Sorry about the poop joke. It had to be said.

Got fiberoptic cables run down to the house yesterday morning. The modem's bolted to the side of the house. Even though I've got the cheapest plan, I've got bags of bandwidth. Just to test, I downloaded all of the pornography on the internet last night. Took me eight minutes.

Interestingly, the installer-guy said that 37% of broadband customers in Southlake have switched to fiber. When it hits 50%, they phase out DSL and force the switch on the rest. Given that it costs the same and is about nine times as fast, there's little reason not to switch.

Vonage works beautifully. Hooking up the box was dirt-simple and it worked right outta the box. Now it's just a matter of moving the existing number (which they also automate), and I'll be disconnected from the phone line completely.

The price is unbeatable. Vonage charges a flat $50 a month for two lines (voice and fax) and unlimited long distance, which is half of what we were paying with Verizon. You can check your voicemail over the web, which has the amusing side-effect of playing your messages in your MP3 software.

Anyway, if you're interested, email john@thecodezone.com and I'll send you a referral link so you get one free month (and I get one free month). I can't just put up a referral link because they were worried about people spamming everyone with referral links.

I'm happy. In fact, I'm slap-happy.
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Any movement on the web site storefront? I'm looking forward to playing around with the new rubber duckies. I had a blast with it back when you did the level design contest ages ago.

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Using Vonage already here in New York. Saves a bundle on calling Canada, where my Significant Other lives. She has Vonage, too, though, so she set up a 646 area code number (New York City) so I can call her on my cell phone at local rates (free). Well, she set it up because her brother lives in New York, but I like to think that I'm special.

The last remaining obstacle is getting television stations to switch to digital signals, so cable providers can really free up bandwidth. Yay IPTV!

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