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## I hate matrices

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Well I've been doing some work on my game lately. I switched from using the X/Y plane (and the camera looking down the Z) to using the X/Z plane, with the camera looking down the Y. It caused me quite a few headaches, and modifying the camera class to have a LookAt function on top of that, just confused me. Now everything seems to be working fine except ship rotation. I'll fix that soon enough, I suppose.

I guess I'll bless you all with a screenshot that looks a bit differenter than the others.

It's differenter because now it has a ship and not an asteroid. right. That's just my excuse for not having anything more fun to show. Damnit, at least I'm working on it, leave me alone! *cries*

Also I'm going to ditch Lameware and use Packetfrag. That seemed to be the general concensus.

By the way, the ship i'm currently using, I ripped off from Schmedly... I didn't have any other ships to use.
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