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I couldn't think of a title, so Platypus seemed fitting. I've been terrible about journaling in this journal lately. I have been writing journal entries everyday in a note book however. That still doesn't help me meet on of my main goals, which is being more involved in the game development community. I've been pretty busy though, so that's my excuse [disturbed]

So, many of you may be asking " What has old DecipherOne been up too lately?" Many of you may also be wondering "Why the hell do I keep reading this guys journal entries?" Well if the latter is the case, you don't have to mask your jealousy with hostility. [headshake]

If you fall into the former group, this is what I've been up to.

This entails my job with Windstar Lines, the bus charter company I work for, as well as my own endeavors. Progress on my own projects is slow but steady and that's what wins the race, right? Atleast that's the way it is according to the tortoise.

C.F.L. is nearing it's next release and at this rate will be ready at the end of the month. I'm just starting coding on Phoenix's rendering module which I'd like to have complete within the next couple of weeks. I'm dedicating at minimum two hours each day to each of these projects on top of two to four hours of studying the library that I've purchased this year.

I'm also getting ready to move into an apartment that I will be using as an office/living space at the beginning of Novemeber. I'm still looking into locations currently, but I won't begin a heavy search until October.

As soon as I move into this location, I'll be working to get DecipherOne Productions registered as a business and begin buying new equipment for production. I'll also be looking to hire some local talent to help with production, an artist and an additional programmer. That won't be until later next year however.
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