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I've been silently following the series - I'm enjoying it very much so far, thanks for sharing!

From your post I gather that you settled on plain Win32 in the end for your choice of GUI library? (No MFC/ATL)


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Yep plain old C style Win32. It's the only GUI lib I could get to work right.

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I recently tried wxWindows, and was really impressed with its ease of use.

There was one problem though. I tried using the wxGLCanvas, which worked fine until I checked Task Manager and noticed that my app was leaking like crazy!

I tracked this down to a bug in ATI's implementation of wglMakeCurrent. Most apps hardly ever call it, but wxGLCanvas calls it each time you swap the buffers. Because of that I was leaking about 1MB per minute.

I tried to report a bug using ATI's very user unfriendly support site. I had to register first, register an ATI product, fill in numerous forms, my session timed out and I had to start over, then there was an SQL syntax error when I got to the end. I gave up, having wasted a day.

So thanks for that ATI. Please fire your software guys.


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WTF does that have to do with anything???????(add more question marks)

I'm not using wxWindows or OpenGL.

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It was a round-about way of endorsing wxWindows, as long as you don't need to use OpenGL. You'd be able to knock together the GUI using wxWindows in much less time than using plain Win32, and you could port the emulator to other platforms if needed.

I got carried away about the driver bug, I guess I needed to vent.

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