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Broken Kitty :(

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Evil Steve


I've decided to try and update this journal once a day again, so we'll see how long this goes on for. My guess is around 3-4 days.

I got a little done today with my editor. You can now group select tiles in the tile palette, so you can paste down 6x4 tiles or whatever fairly easily. I'm also abusing DrawPrimitiveUP and semi-transparent quads to show the selections for foreground and background brushes (left and right click). I know that DrawPrimitiveUP is "evil", but it saves me keeping a 8 vertex vertex buffer around, and filling it every frame anyway.

I also got cut and copy working on the selection menu, but I didn't get around to paste, since I realised that means adding support for dragging a "layer" around, which would take a little more effort than I initially thought about. Once that's done, I can also select an area of the map and drag it around, which is nice.

I'm not out tonight, I don't feel up to it. I've been running around all day doing housework and gardening, and dismantling my bed and cleaning my room so I'm not inhaling dust all night.
Also, my kitten was taken to the vet today. He was sitting on the floor meowing plaintifly, and his hindquarters were twitching. He hissed and yowled if you picked him up, so we took him to the vet. It turns out that he has a fracture of his thigh. He only really eats fish and chicken - which we realised has zero calcium - and when they X-rayed him, he had so little calcium that they couldn't make out his spine. We have to phone at 10am tomorrow morning to find out if he's coming home tomorrow or Monday. So he'll be getting a diet change too. Yay, diahorea everywhere...

I was having an early night, but my sister has come home with a friend, and my dad says he's mot staying here again (he was here last night), despite my mum giving it the ok. So I'm off to be a taxi briefly, then back into bed.
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I was out last night.

You picked a good night to stay in, there was nothing but hen nights everywhere, more than usual. And places started getting pretty quiet at about 00:30 anyway.

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