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I was chatting on #gamedev when I got the phone call from my dad, who's in the hospital. His cancer is terminal; the doctors have said he has three months to live. He wanted me to know that he's very proud, and that it's made him very happy to see the progress I've made as a person.

He says that if he could live a longer life in good health, he'd gladly do it. However, he says that people are not meant to live in pain like that, and he doesn't want his life to be extended just so he can be alive and be sick. He's happy with what his kids are doing, and he wants all of us to keep going, keep it together.

This is a very painful thing for me. However, while I'm not one to believe that all things happen for a reason, I don't plan on giving up. My dad is a very strong person, and he never taught us to do that. We'll be fine. Let's just hope that those three months turn out to be much longer.

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Cancer is not something to be taken lightly. Unfortunately I have lost friends and family members to different forms of cancer and it can be very troubling to see a loved one suffer. I would however like to say, as I am sure you are from your entries, to cherish the time that you do have left with your father. I've never gotten a chance to know my father personally, and it sounds to me that your relationship with yours is indeed one of mutual respect and love. Take solace in knowing this if you can, and my heart goes out to you and your family.

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Remember, no living thing is destroyed or lost, everything is transformed into something else!

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