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Pretty Screens.......

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

How are you all today? Today was not very productive on the game coding side, but Mark and I did get together and go over a lot of stuff we needed to get straightened out before we went ahead and started making campaign levels.

We pretty much sat down with a huge atlas in front of us, and started labeling points of interest with sticky notes. Each sticky note then holds a description of the mission that takes place there. We sat there for hours. A couple sodas and countless sticky notes later, we had the Cuban campaign for Angels 20 all mapped out.

The cuban campaign will be the one included in the freeware version, so we are trying to put some pretty cool stuff in it so that we can lure... I mean uh... coninvce someone to buy the full version. In the full version, the cuban campaign will not be the first campaign however, there's a prequel campaign you must play first that takes place in Africa before you can move on to the future campaigns.

Anyways, we worked on that, and then we began brainstorming for other gameplay ideas, and I think we may have stumbled upon a pretty good one. An Airborne Laser Support Unit. We want to have some mission where you start off in the air, and there are no supply depots or aircraft carriers on the level. A level would have an assload of SAM sites that you would have no chance of getting through unassisted, but thats where the ABL comes in. This ABL would fly along the level at medium altitudes, and destroy incoming missiles with its laser, but only within a certain range of it, so you couldn't wander too far off. You would have to protect the ABL from enemy MIGs or else you lose your anti-SAM umbrella, and are screwed. We think this would be pretty cool, what about you guys?

Mark has gotten an assload of art done lately, my new favorite is the close up he drew of the Partisan fighters cockpit, which I made a cutscene with (as you can see in the screenie below).

A couple posts back I mentioned the big blackjack bomber Mark drew for our big airport destruction level, but I had no images to show for it. Well, here's a screen of them in the game. NOTE: the game has these tiles scaled oddly, so they wont be quite as big once I fix the problem.

Pretty cool eh?

Unfortunately, it seems we have run into a brick wall when it comes to stuff the game needs to have added to it, so if you guys have any (intelligent;D)suggestions, we'd be glad to hear them.

I spent the rest of today trying to make the game a little bit more accessible, but none of it was really all that noticable, except that I added an autoeject thing that will automatically eject you when your health hits 0. The autoeject is only effective when you get shot to death, if you ram straight into the ground, you aren't going to make it out and its a restart for you :D

Well, its 1:00AM here, and I'm tired so I'll talk to you guys later.
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