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GTL Update : Beta Draws Closer

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The beta of the C++ interface version of the GTL is getting ever closer.

PhysFS support now works properly and it relies on the linking application to supply the PhysFS library to link to (I dunno what I did before, but whatever it was it was dumb as it required linking the PhysFS lib into the GTL.. that doesnt happen now, huzzah! [grin]).

I still need to check a couple of the decoders, mostly relating to BBP issues as currently I'm making a few assumptions about data format types I probably shouldnt be (TGA and PNG are the main concerns I have right now).

I still need to make a config.hpp file to (a) allow automagic linking of the correct library for a given runtime library on VS.Net, (b) compile time exclude decoders as required (which will also be doable via defining GTL_NO_ on the command line), enable PhysFS support in the various header files.

I've also finaly got around to adding the correct exception to throw when a decoder cant be found for a given file type (be it via the extension or the enum) and fixed the FileDevice related functions so they swollow exceptions from boost::iostream and just return an empty GTL::Image struct instead.

Depending on time I hope to get the above sorted this week, I wanted to get it done before todo however a few things sucked away my time before now.

Tomorrow I goto enroll at the local College to begin my second attempt at obtaining a BSc(Hons) in Software Engineering, so that will effect how much time I'll be able to put into this project, thus my 'depending on time' statement above. However, rest assured I will get it working ASAP as I dont have much else todo atm (the lass I've been seening recently is off to Uni herself soon and as such doesnt have the time to spend with me for a while, so I'll have that time free for a while).

More updates as soon as I can [smile]
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