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Minas Tirith viewer 9

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Soon to come (probably tomorrow, we still need to do some tests).

It now has a few textures, a lot of new geometry (approximately 4.5 millions triangles), and the viewer is now using occlusion culling (with hardware occlusion queries) and level-of-detail to reduce the polycount. There are still some places where the polycount is in the 500k to 1 million polys range, but overall LOD saves from 30 to 60% polygons.

I've now got a different problem: memory usage. Because of the increase of the complexity, plus the addition of LOD (all possible index arrays are kept in memory), it uses around 1.4 Gb of RAM. I think it will still run well with 1 Gb and virtual memory, but any machine with less than 1 Gb will probably have a lot of troubles to run it. This is for the full version, obviously; the demo version should be less than that, and run well on 512 Mb computers. All of that to say that i should add some "streaming" on my TODO list in the future.


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sweet stuff. I still have this bookmarked but I never remember to check it out every now and then. Thx for the update.

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Very, Very Impressive [grin]

Although, that 1-1.4 GB of RAM will hurt quite a few people! Methinks some of that streaming goodness might be worth the effort...

Keep up the good work!

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I think i will not escape streaming in the future. But i'm not gonna delay that release anymore (i'm already one week late compared to the planning).

Today, somebody reported that the full version ran "okay" (not fast: but still from 5 to 30 fps) on his system: a 2 Ghz amd, a medium-level graphics card (he didn't precise which one), and "only" 768 Mb of RAM.

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