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Alcohol is awesome

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Evil Steve


Well, it's almost 2am now. I left Opium early because I was knackered, and because I felt too sober to stay. I managed to miss the last bus by about 30 seconds - I saw it pass the road end as I approached. So I went back to Opium for a wee bit.

Amyway, I left there a while ago, and I decided to time myself. Every time I walk home from Opium, I seem to take very little time (usually 45 mins). My friends refuse to believe me, and even when I come on MSN when I get in, they think I got a taxi home. I'm usually too drunk to make a note of how long it takes me to get home, but I managed to remember today. From the bottom of the mound to my house (Blackhall) took me 31 mins, 32 seconds. That's running for as far as I can manage, then walking to recover, then running again.
My estimate of that distance is 4 miles. That means I managed ~8mph the whole way home. I'm sure that can't be right...

Anyway, I'm fucking shattered now. So I'm going to go to bed.
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It's not that far, take it you're going across the Dean Bridge, past my old school and out past Sainsbury's?

But everything seems longer when you're hammered...

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