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Small Update

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Small Update

Just some small tweaks and fixes today. I fixed the entity ambient so it doesn't blink anymore. Turns out I was using one of the functions normally used for the ambient occlusion calculation. Because that function randomized the normal direction for occlusion hemisphere sampling, and this caused blinking. I added an extra parameter than controls the randomness, which the player lighting version turns off.

The randomness is good to add some noise to the sampling in order to break up banding in the occlusion maps with fewer samples.

I also fixed a bug with the decals, and local bounding boxes in general, where the AA bounding boxes would not get recomputed properly after being transformed, but only in the case of an anisotropic scaling.

Tonight I adjusted the spark parameters so that they have less gravity applied and last longer. This helps them show up better.

Additionally, I tuned the glowspheres for explosions and laser bolts to make them brighter.

On the AI front, I added an alertness threshold for the enemies, and now have them pathfind to the last known location of the player if he goes out of LOS. I need to re-write the AI logic for sure, to include sounds, ai->ai communication, etc.

I also turned back on the frame buffer post-processing effect, that really helps to make the screen a bit more alive and colorful, without overdoing it to produce blur-o-vision. It also looks much better with the lasers.

Here is a shot of the post-processing set to a low level :

And a high-level :

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Can I be a bit stupid and ask - what exactly is the post processing doing? [oh]

I flicked between those two images a couple of times, and it just looks like the "high" one is brighter, rather than any particularly funky post-processing effect. Or is that exactly what it's supposed to do?

Keep up the good work!

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It is a subtle 5x5 bloom filter. Most ppl do a much larger kernel. I could change it to 7x7 pretty easily.

Mostly due to the small kernel size, it acts as a saturation and brightness boost.

I already have saturation controls, but they only apply to light colors. The post processing is not only a way to slightly soften the image, but also to boost colors that didn't come from lights, such as alpha blended things, reflections, etc.

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Ah, okay - I did notice that the colour balance/tone/etc.. had changed slightly but couldn't put my finger on why [smile]

Thanks for the clarification!

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