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The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

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So I've noticed something. Every time I take off my polo shirts from work, they end up inside-out. I never really pay attention to that fact until I wash them in the washing machine, at which point, this begins to annoy the hell out of me, because now I need to take this sogging wet shirt and put it right-side-out, in order to hang them up to dry. (Helpful tip for all you hopeless men out there: machine-drying pique cotton fabric makes it fade and pill-up with those little balls all over the place; so if you air-dry pique cotton, you never get that problem and your shirts will last you at least 2-3 years longer).

Anyway, the process takes forever and is quite annoying, so, as an experiment, I've decided to right-side-out my shirts before I wash them.

This experiment, unfortunately, was a failure. A full 9 out of my 10 shirts ended up reorienting themselves into an inside-out state after just one wash cycle.

This leads me to conclude that the natural state of equilibrium of a polo shirt is inside-out. Think about it; when you take it off, it tends to become inside-out. When you wash them, they tend to become inside-out. In fact it is far easier to turn a polo shirt inside-out than it is to turn it right-side-out.

Therefore, I propose a new fashion trend: wearing shirts inside out. That way, you can say you did your part to conserve energy on this planet, and you can go to sleep at night with a clear conscious.

So the next time your mother/wife/whatever nags you about leaving your clothes on the floor, inside-out, you can safely say that you're helping the world by conserving energy, and starting a new fashion trend at the same time!

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It also protects any printed on patterns.

As a slight aside I find my trousers always end up inside out as well. That and the well documented odd sock phenomenon.

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