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Lack of intarnets = productivity!

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So I've been without internet at home for about a week now. You'd think the limited access to information would make it hard to get any programming done. However, the opposite seems to be true. I just might have to give up GameDev.net simply for the productivity boost. Heh, just kidding; probably just the constant lounge surfing.

Anyway, I've implemented font rendering, finished my image -> OpenGL texture converter (it works with ANY image format now), and reworked various parts of the program. I'm now searching for a good scripting language to use as the building block for gameplay. I originally was against using a scripting language because it would limit gameplay capabilities. However, I'm now thinking I'll use scripting for all the basic interactions and hacks (yes, I'll even have a module named game/hack) to implement special cases.

So now I'm looking for a scripting language that is simple, object-based but without any unimportant fluff, and has useful features (like optional function parameters and named parameter passing). Since I don't have internet yet, I'll have to use the school computers and download the necessary documentation onto CD. Wish me luck (and give me suggestions!).

UPDATE: Lua seems to be what I want.

UPDATE: I'm flipping through the online book Programming in Lua and I'm liking most everything about the language. The only thing I don't like is Lua's convention of using 1 as the base index, rather than 0. That is going to be really confusing for someone like me coming from C/C++/Python that all use 0 as the base index. This is probably me speaking from ignorance, but why couldn't Lua just stick with convention? Why??! Oh well, I'll suck it up and use 0 for all my functions and 1 whenever I need to interface with the standard library. It'll probably lead to bugs but their perversion of the sacred and time honoured base index tradition shall not prevail.
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I've been disconnected from the Internet(s) too.. It's amazing - the productivity superhighway.

How do you mean named parameter passing?

In VBScript you have

ActiveChart.Location xlLocationAsObject, "Sheet1"
'can be changed to
ActiveChart.Location Where:=xlLocationAsObject, Name:="Sheet1"

although I don't suggest using VBScript.

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In Python, you can do something like this (I can't remeber the proper syntax):

def fn(a, b=4, c=2, d=8):
return a+b+c
fn(3, d=1, c=0) # a is 3, b is implicitly 4, c is 0, d is 1

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