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Apparently, one of our old defense ministers believes that UFOs exist and that the Americans reverse-engineered them to build technical marvels.

How about spreading some of that alien technology over to the Internet?!

In other news, the ESRB really wants to see your hidden content, even that which can't possibly ever be accessed in the game under any normal circumstances. This seems... technically unfeasible.
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See secretly, we're all aliens, and instead of dying, we get teleported back up to our mother ship behind the hale bop comet. The heavens gate people were posers.

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The ESRB is a fucking joke. KEEP POLITICS OUT OF GAMES. There was a section in that article about them wanting to have control over content that the mod community creates to keep the game within the scope of the inital rating. What the hell is that?

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I think the ESRB is trying to keep the politicos happy until they move onto the next thing that's attacking and destroying America. It's just the latest in a long string of media scapegoating.

Once that's done they'll likely reduce their rating criteria (similar to what the MPAA did with their rating scheme, generating the useless PG-13 rating).

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