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Benji Goes .Net

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Benjamin Heath


Okay, some cheery news now. I started on C# today after using C for several years. I like it so far, but as I expected, I really need to upgrade this computer now. I'm short on memory by today's standards (though 128MB still sounds like a lot to me) and it's easy for the whole system to crawl when VC# is open.

So I need to get that taken care of, and it actually sucks because I don't have much money right now. If anyone knows of a good site for this with good service and cheap prices, please let me know.

Anyway, I like C# so far, and I think I'll continue using that for a while. SDL.net looks interesting, though I think it's also time to start learning DirectX. (Yeah, start. I never really bothered with it before.)

Cheers, I'm doing fine right now. :)
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C# is amazing, I don't think I'll ever turn back to C++. As for SDL.NET, it's a great library, although the limitations put on it from SDL make it a hassle. I started up a Managed DirectX 2D wrapper, but the lack of documentation provided with Managed DirectX made me turn back. All I really want to accomplish is some 2D goodness, so SDL.NET will be perfect for that.

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Yeah, it's great. I'm really looking forward to using it. C# and .Net have so many concepts that just make sense, and the language's documentation is really good.

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